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Over 12 years of experience. Hundereds of players. After northen grounds lost their shine, we tried to discover new worlds. But for our new journey, we had to find a path. Sadly, the path is still not in shape for safe walking, and so it is, that we are before the step not into a new world, but into our memories.

+original custom content

Instant 50 + 5x RATE

Welcome to our free World of Warcraft server. This server was for years only our local server, but now, we are opening our gates to players from the world.
Our main focus is on creating friendly (even small) environment rather than massive unmaintainable thing. We want to deliver high quality gaming experience in well known world, but we are also on the way of creating our own custom content, which we hope you will like.
Server rates Server machine info
* XP rate - 50 instant + 5x * OS - Linux Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS x64
* Gold rate - #x * CPU - 8 core @ 2500 MHz
* Reputation rate - #x * RAM - 19 GB
* Drop rate - #x * Network - 1Gbit/country, 100Mbit/world
* Server place - Prague, Czech republic
Nothing is more easy than connecting to our server.

1) Create an account in our Account manager We have united login, so if you have already registered on our forums, use the same login into the game. Same thing, if you want accountto game, you can use the same account on forums. :)

2) As we are still under development, nothing special is required. Volunteers, who want to help us wit testing (with proper forum bug reports), can log in with standard 1.12.1 client and realmlist "". After official server opening, our launcher WILL be required.
Server machine: Online

Auth server: Offline
World server: Offline
Database: Online